Prints On Glass

– A Creation of Impressive Glass Display Artwork –

 Photographic Images by Stephan Kleinlein


The latest in printing technology to produce stunning printed glass creations. We take hand picked OBS photographs and create unique glass prints. A printed glass image is a modern alternative to printing on canvas. Its appeal and style make it very unique and will last a life time (unless you drop it).

Prints displayed on this shop site are 1200x800mm (box shape images) or 1500x500mm (longer style images) in size and the artwork price is AU$1050 incl. GST.

For custom-made sizes please email:



Print: Print on Glass “Turquoise Shake”

Stephan Kleinlein20140114-POG6Stephan Kleinlein20140114-Living Room3


Print: Print on Glass “Gold Jelly Fish” 

Stephan Kleinlein20140114-POG10Stephan Kleinlein20140114-Bedroom10


Print: Print on Glass “Green Ocean” 

Stephan Kleinlein20140114-POG1Stephan Kleinlein20140114-Living Room5


Print: Print on Glass “B&W Milk Shake”

Stephan Kleinlein20140114-POG7Stephan Kleinlein20140114-Living Room2


Print: Print on Glass “Fire Starter”

Stephan Kleinlein20140114-POG3Stephan Kleinlein20140114-Bedroom13


Print: Print on Glass “Green Wave on B&W”

Stephan Kleinlein20140114-POG9Stephan Kleinlein20140114-Bedroom9


Print: Print on Glass “Gold Sand Wave”

Stephan Kleinlein20140114-POG5Stephan Kleinlein20140114-Bedroom5


Print: Print on Glass “Kaena Break”

Stephan Kleinlein20140114-POG8Bedroom8

How are the prints mounted on the wall? Concealed Fixing – We supply the print with one concealed mounting plate attached to the rear of the print. One additional mounting plate is supplied for you to fix to the wall. You simply follow the instructions supplied and install the mounting plate on the wall and mount your print. No mountings are visible and there is minimal damage to your wall.

What is Direct to glass printing? Prints On Glass utilises a number of processes. Direct to glass printing involves the application of special inks directly on to the surface of the glass. These inks are then fired into the glass to render them permanent. This process is perfect for splash backs and wet areas.

What is Metallic Printing? A high gloss photographic papers for its face-mount prints. The end result is exceptional to say the least and has been very well received. With advances in photographic media, we can now offer Metallic Pearl photographic paper. The print result is greatly enhanced, giving deeper colours and exceptional clarity. This media is designed for the serious enthusiast, professional photographer, or for exceptional photographs.

What are your turnaround times? Allow 14-21 days from date of order.

What payment methods do you accept? We accept MasterCard, Visa, direct deposit or PayPal

What different sizes do you offer? Prices for our standard sizes are on the order page, Sizes start from 40cm x 20cm however we can produce custom sized prints to fit into any space. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements.

Do your prices include GST and Delivery? Our prices include GST. Delivery cost can be calculated at time of ordering, according to your location.

Do you ship Australia-wide? What about Internationally? We ship Australia wide. We are also able to ship internationally. Simply contact us providing details of the glass size, country and area or zip code and we will respond with a quotation.

What resolution will my image be printed at? Our images are printed in Black & white or spot colour it is done so at up to 660 DPI. (dots per inch). Full colour prints are printed up to 1440 DPI.

What type of glass do you use? We use a standard clear 6mm glass toughened for safety.  An optimum clarity glass which will ensure the colour of the image is the colour your receive.

What inks do you use? For direct to glass printing we use ceramic based inks. When these inks are heated to extreme temperatures (600 degrees Celsius) they render the image on the glass permanent and scratch resistant. Face Mounted images are printed on our 12 colour Epson printer using only Epson HDR inks.

How do I hang the picture? Your image will arrive to you ready to hang. The glass has been prepared for hanging with a mounting bracket included.