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Road Trip Down - after my little surgery I had a bit time off work and I went on a
2 Days ago I did my 17000th Jump What does that translate into?   - Over 9 Days of Freefall
A Glimpse of Stephan's Ocean Photography Work. CLICK HERE to see the clip 1 CLICK HERE to see the clip
Today I received a gift by Canon Australia, which took me by surprise. I am so thankful for that. Canon
Finally I made it back to Byron Bay Australia for a great Ocean Photography Session with Ocean Photographer Craig Parry.
I wish you all a Happy Easter and a fantastic rest of the year 2018, filled with tonnes of great
Finally I made it down there, to Margaret River, a place I always loved. I think the last time I
Blood Moon 31.01.2018 Location: Perth Western Australia by Photographer Stephan Kleinlein We went up to Kings Park right in front
The "Winter" in Germany can look like this (maybe more like autumn), but still great photography opportunities. Different than white
"Selective" a Slideshow through my last 8 years of travelling, adventure and photography. It is not for the normal FB