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Stephan’s Photography Projects

SUP City Slickers in Berlin Germany Photo Session SUP + extra Berlin Shots HERE to see   © 2012 Copyrighted Photography
Here a photo series from the amazing island of Le Reunion   CLICK HERE to see them all.   ©
Photo session with Huni, Maki and Lulu   CLICK HERE to see more.   © 2012 Copyrighted Photography by Stephan
Photographers Pic Check out some this nice photography collection HERE   © 2012 Copyrighted Photography by Stephan Kleinlein photo@oceanbluesky
Cairns Adventure Film Festival My movie "Boxing Day in Byron Bay" got 3rd place! ; ))
Music Video Clip made by Oceanbluesky Productions Showing the band "Starboard Cannons" performing their song "Down Below" live at "The
6:38min Version A special day we had on Boxing Day here in our little town Byron Bay. Big Surf and
This movie is about a great surfing day in Byron Bay Australia. It is made for my friends. For the