Motion Of The Sea – SlowMotion Video (2nd Try)

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Hello Everyone,

(I have sent this News Blog out before, sorry to bother you again, but it looked like it didn’t go through all of you. So I try it one more time. It would be nice to get a little thumps up if you got it. T H A N K  Y O U  👍)

here a new little clip I just made up. I really love it. I hope you too!!! 👍😋

Motion Of The Sea, a beautiful relaxing slow motion ocean shot film.

This time you will see 2 different versions of this clip:

1. Motion Of The Sea – 4K Video “COLOUR NATURAL”

2.Motion Of The Sea – 4K Video “ART”

Let me know which one you like more!

Derick, Cip & myself went for a free-dive session to Point Perón today. The water was pretty clear after the last few stormy days. Lots of sea snails have been around at sunset this late afternoon. Always so much fun to play between the little underwater canyons and the limestone caves which are just a 20 minute swim off shore away. The ocean was like glass on our way home from the caves. One of the very memorable free dive session this year. I hope you like our little slow motion movie.

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Here you will find more information about my photography:

Thank you Soundstripe & all the music artists for their amazing creative work and that we are able to share those beautiful songs with our artistic photography/cinematography creations!!!

Music by Alice in Winter Song: Departure Soundstripe licensed

© Copyrighted Photography by Stephan Kleinlein

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