Chill Moments of the Sea #2

Chill Moments of the Sea #2

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Reef N Beyond Ocean Adventures #2’s

theme is about the Chill Moments of the Sea

Some special footage we captured recently during our daily ocean time here on Lord Howe Island. A little island in the middle of nowhere. Less than 2 hours flight from Sydney Australia. If you ever have the chance to come to visit this part of the world, take it! You will be amazed what this beautiful place has to offer.

Reef N Beyond Ocean Adventures Tours run by my great friends Dave & Glenys Gardiner here on Lord Howe Island, the Galapagos Islands of Australia, some people call it. Every day you will experience something new. The ocean here has plenty of sea life and great water temperatures around 24 C right now. I hope you will enjoy the new Adventure Short Film Series.

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Thank you Soundstripe & all the music artists for their amazing creative work and that we are able to share those beautiful songs with our artistic photography/cinematography creations!!! Music by Midnight Daydream Song: Ask Me Again Sometime

Soundstripe licensed © Copyrighted Photography by Stephan Kleinlein 


CLICK HERE to see the short video clip

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