The KITE mag Issue 4 with Stephan’s “THE DARK ROOM” Part3 is out

The KITE mag Issue 4 with Stephan’s “THE DARK ROOM” Part3 is out

The KITE mag Issue 4 with Stephan’s “THE DARK ROOM” Part3 is out!

The Dark Room Part3 by Stephan Kleinlein

– Working in the water –

CLICK HERE, the link to my article.

Issue 4 THE DARK ROOM small.compressed


And here the link to the best kite magazine on the planet:

Lord Howe Island by Stephan Kleinlein

Lord Howe Island by Stephan Kleinlein

Last paradise on earth

Lord Howe Island

Just finished my last photo editing session of the Lord Howe Island trip May 2015. We just had such an awesome time over there, shooting over 10000 images in 3 weeks. A “Huge Thank You” to my good friend Dave Gardiner who showed us, Michel Blinkhorn and myself almost every little corner and every hidden beach on the island. This is the most incredible island I have seen, and I have seen a few. If you ever have a chance to go there, contact Dave and he will be your guide to show you how to enjoy and see this special place from a different angle. I will be back for sure! Thanks Dave & Glenys – The Greenbacks

CLICK HERE to see just some of those amazing photography opportunities.

The Kitemag Issue#3

The Kitemag Issue#3

2nd Part of my

Ocean-Photography Section

in the KITEMAG Issue#3 is out


KiteMag-3-The Dark Room small

Be Inspired – Broken Heads

Be Inspired – Broken Heads

New flying scenes from the beautiful Broken Heads near Byron Bay Australia.

Inspiring song “Pretty Thoughts” by Galimatris & Alina Baraz
Loodma Recordings

CLICK HERE to see the video clip

Be “Inspired”

Be “Inspired”

Just a few test shots with my new friend “Inspire 1”

Clip1 CLICK HERE    Little Wategos


Clip2 CLICK HERE    Brunswick Head


Enjoy ; ))

“Boys On The Run” Indo-2014 Movie

“Boys On The Run” Indo-2014 Movie

Well this video is for the boys: Craig, Grant, Dave, Simon and Pete.

We all and myself did an awesome surf trip to Telo Islands last year and this movie is pretty much, in 28 minutes what happened over there.

So if you feel like some beautiful pictures, a bit of a video story and some awesome music, than just sit down and enjoy our trip. It was a real adventure.

For me it was 4 plane rides, several car and mini bus drives and 2 boat trips to get there from Byron Bay Australia (4 days), but it was worth it and would do it again anytime!!!



Beautiful Music by:

“Credits’” by Chase & Status, Ben Drew PlanB

Record Label: Vertigo, Ram

Album: No More Idols

“Follow You” feat. Grant McCulloch by Phetsta, Shock One

Record Label: Viper Recordings

Album: The Calling

“Pretty Thoughts”  by Galimatias & Alina Baraz

On Loodma Recordings

“Flicker” by Porter Robinson

Record label: Astralwerks, Virgin

Album: Worlds

“Never” by Ark Petrol

Heroic Recordings

“Rosario” by S-Type

Record Label: LuckyMe

Stephan’s February 2015 Image Selection

Stephan’s February 2015 Image Selection

A few new images for you to watch. A mix of my photography in February 2015.

CLICK HERE for the Album

The KiteMag Issue#2

The KiteMag Issue#2

Hi guys,
you might like to read this.

I was stoked to see the first article about my ocean photography appearing in THE KITEMAG today.

It is the first of a series over the next few month. Have a read when you get time.

Issue 2 The dark room small

“Only Human” by Stephan Kleinlein

“Only Human” by Stephan Kleinlein

Here a little teaser, my new movie is coming soon


A collection of video clips and photo images from my adventures in 2014.

Check it out!

CLICK HERE to see the trailer

Waterman Survival Course with Joe Knight

Waterman Survival Course with Joe Knight

I just finished the Waterman course with “One Ocean International’s” Joe Knight. It was an awesome course and I learned so much, thanks to Joe and his Team.

Being in the water my whole life as a Surfer, Kitesurfer, Windsurfer, SUPer, Freediver and mainly as an Ocean Photographer I experienced some tricky situations in bigger surf in the past. Thinking being bullet-proof and finding out I’m not, this course is exactly made for people like me.

The program gives especially surfers and surf photographers a deep inside knowledge about breathing technics and training methods how to survive the next nasty sets of waves much easier.

Breathing technics under high pressure, meditation, rescue, deep dives, stretching, simulating big wipe outs, efficient duck-diving were just some highlights of the 3 day course. Also a lot of knowledge behind the whole human psychology in regards of breathing we took home for our future water time.

I loved Joe’s course and I can only recommend to do a course with him and his team at one stage if you are serious about your waterman activities.

To find out more go to

HERE some Photos, just check it out!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015

Now the Christmas Holiday Season has started and the year 2014 is almost over.

I thank you all who has been part of my year and the incredible journeys I did.

Thanks guys and I hope to see you all again in the NEW Year 2015 for some amazing adventures together.

Take care! Stay safe and Dream on!

This is what it is all about,


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Stephan ; ))


And here my little Xmas present for you, something I just found on the net. Probably the most incredible Surf Doko I have ever seen. Incredible dangerous, Incredible fascinating, Incredible awesome! These guys are the modern Gladiators, riding the nature, riding the giant dragons, doesn’t matter what.

Enjoy and click HERE for the Video Clip!!! And thanks guys for putting it up on YouTube to show it to the world!

New Publication: FREEDOM Kitesurfing Magazine

New Publication: FREEDOM Kitesurfing Magazine

Some of my shots appeared in the new

FREEDOM Kitesurfing Magazine.

Shooting Elliot Drury and Ryland Blakeney this year.

Awesome guys!

And great to see Keahi De Aboitiz back after his injury!!! : ))


New Publication – Kitesoul Magazine Italy

New Publication – Kitesoul Magazine Italy

Made it into the Italian

Kitesoul Magazine

with Cabrinha Rider: Alberto Rondina

KITE Magazine Germany 6/2014

KITE Magazine Germany 6/2014

Made another Cover Shot ; ))

This time with Cabrinha Team Rider Alberto Rondina for the KITE Magazine Germany

Sumatra Indonesia Surf Trip 2014

Sumatra Indonesia Surf Trip 2014

Just got back from an amazing surf photography trip from the Telo Islands,

quite remote location in Sumatra/ Indonesia.

It took me 4 plane rides, several car and bus rides, plus 2 boat trips including an overnight boat journey on an old Indonesian fishing trawler to get to the island. Same way back, left last Monday and made it back into Byron Bay yesterday on Friday.

But it was worth the travel. Check out the photos and I think you will know what I mean.

Thanks to my great friend Craig Shales to get me on this adventure

and also thanks to Craig’s good friends: David, Peter, Simon and Grant for this awesome surf safari trip!



Walking Shots from Byron Bay

Walking Shots from Byron Bay

October 2014 – Here some Walking Shots and Impressions from the Byron Bay Surf Festival


Here the ALBUM



B&W Series by Stephan Kleinlein

As beautiful and inspiring the different ocean colour shades can be, Black & White has its own powerful vision.



New Publications in 2014

New Publications in 2014

This month a few new magazines , books and web pages came out or have been updated with some of my images.

I m super stoked that some of the images got published and even made the front cover.

Check it out HERE

Super Moon in Byron Bay Australia – September 2014

Super Moon in Byron Bay Australia – September 2014

Here a few shots I took while I was riding around my new bike with my backpack and my camera in it.  All of the sudden the moon popped-up in a perfect position. Didn’t have my best camera gear with me (hard on a bike!), but still, got some nice shots. Enjoy!!! ; ))



Kiteboarding: Where it’s at…

Kiteboarding: Where it’s at…

Just guess who took the Cover Shot Photo of Keahi de Aboitiz?

Yep, you are right!!! ; ))

I m proud of being part of this great book with my photography.

Kiteboarding - Where it's at...


Over the past fifteen years, the extreme sport of kiteboarding has developed from an unlikely concept into a worldwide phenomenon. Kiteboarding: Where it s at… tracks these changes and looks at the various tangents that the sport has taken.

With stunning photography, each part reviews one of the four main disciplines within the sport: Freestyle, Waveriding, Wakestyle and Course Racing. Within each part is a background to the discipline, the kit, profiles of prime locations, key events and some of the riders and brands who have come to define the sport.

With over 200 shots from the best photographers in the game, and comprehensive access to all of the main players within the sport, author Alex Hapgood has ensured that Kiteboarding: Where it s at… is the most comprehensive and visually stunning representation of the sport to date.

‘An excellent overview of our sport with great imagery. Essential reading.
Aaron Hadlow

‘A beautiful and comprehensive look at kiting. Drawn from a broad collection of the sport s best shooters, this book is full of great images of a strikingly visual and technically challenging sport.’
John Bilderback

Kiteboarding: Where it s at… is a great representation of our sport. It s awesome to have a book like this that shows the roots of the sport and what it has become today. Stunning photography and a real achievement.’
Keahi de Aboitiz


I am stoked to report that the book is now available for pre-order from Amazon.
Then the release dates are as follows:
UK – 9th October
Australia – 1st November
US – 27th January
To guarantee a copy from the first run pre-ordering is probably a good idea… And you can of course order from the UK site and have it shipped anywhere in the world on the 9th October.