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THREE New Skydive Videos by Oceanbluesky Productions

THREE New Skydive Videos by Oceanbluesky Productions

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Here we go,

the European Summer Season 2015

is over,

but the footage from the season

has been stitched together.

I hope you enjoy Three New GoJump Clips of the season:

  1. GoJump The Season CLICK HERE to watch

  2. GoJump Timelaps Flight CLICK HERE to watch

  3. Matty’s Foot Cam Space Jump CLICK HERE to watch

2015 European Summer Impressions

2015 European Summer Impressions

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I know, it has been a while,

but here finally a few new updates.

What happened  with

 Stephan’s Photography 

this Summer in Europe?


I hope you enjoy the links!

Ciao for now
Stephan ; ))

  1. GoJump 2015 Impression Photo Album CLICK HERE

  2. Spooky Berlin 2015 Photo Album CLICK HERE

  3. VIDEO ” Back to Earth” Edited by Stephan Kleinlein CLICK HERE


Be Inspired – Broken Heads

Be Inspired – Broken Heads

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New flying scenes from the beautiful Broken Heads near Byron Bay Australia.

Inspiring song “Pretty Thoughts” by Galimatris & Alina Baraz
Loodma Recordings

CLICK HERE to see the video clip

Be “Inspired”

Be “Inspired”

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Just a few test shots with my new friend “Inspire 1”

Clip1 CLICK HERE    Little Wategos


Clip2 CLICK HERE    Brunswick Head


Enjoy ; ))

“Boys On The Run” Indo-2014 Movie

“Boys On The Run” Indo-2014 Movie

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Well this video is for the boys: Craig, Grant, Dave, Simon and Pete.

We all and myself did an awesome surf trip to Telo Islands last year and this movie is pretty much, in 28 minutes what happened over there.

So if you feel like some beautiful pictures, a bit of a video story and some awesome music, than just sit down and enjoy our trip. It was a real adventure.

For me it was 4 plane rides, several car and mini bus drives and 2 boat trips to get there from Byron Bay Australia (4 days), but it was worth it and would do it again anytime!!!



Beautiful Music by:

“Credits’” by Chase & Status, Ben Drew PlanB

Record Label: Vertigo, Ram

Album: No More Idols

“Follow You” feat. Grant McCulloch by Phetsta, Shock One

Record Label: Viper Recordings

Album: The Calling

“Pretty Thoughts”  by Galimatias & Alina Baraz

On Loodma Recordings

“Flicker” by Porter Robinson

Record label: Astralwerks, Virgin

Album: Worlds

“Never” by Ark Petrol

Heroic Recordings

“Rosario” by S-Type

Record Label: LuckyMe

“Only Human” by Stephan Kleinlein

“Only Human” by Stephan Kleinlein

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Here a little teaser, my new movie is coming soon


A collection of video clips and photo images from my adventures in 2014.

Check it out!

CLICK HERE to see the trailer

Ozone REO 2015

Ozone REO 2015

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Awesome clip, awesome kites!

I m proud of being part of this REO video clip!

Thanks Torrin for the great editing and thanks Rob for those amazing kites!

Stephan : ))

Here the video clip!

Water People – Mauritius 2013

Water People – Mauritius 2013

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Here a little teaser what’s coming up on the island for the next 2 month again. Enjoy “Water People Mauritius 2013 by Stephan Kleinlein

The watch the clip click on the file: “Water People – Mauritius 2013”



Ozone Kites –

Cabrinha –

Neil Pryde –

Imagine Surf –

JP Australia –

North Kiteboarding –

Kitethrills –


Dementia, Rregula, Disphonia –

for their Doom Loop

Mefjus Remix

Record Label:

Citrus Recordings –



Keahi de Aboitiz, Mike Walker

Dave Kalama, Andy Yates

Torrin Bright, Rob Whittall

Michel Blinkhorn, Lisa Hickman

Oswald Smith, Jake Bendle

Airton Cozzolino, …

All the Kitethrills Mauritius 2013 Riders

All our Mauritius Island Friends



Oceanbluesky Production






SKY-SWING Balloon Pendulum Project (Adventure Planet Ep#1)

SKY-SWING Balloon Pendulum Project (Adventure Planet Ep#1)

Posted by / May 6, 2014 / Categories: Video / 1 Comment

Different!!! Check it out!

Thanks to my skydiving friend Gulliver Page I had the opportunity to be part of the film crew in this crazy concept ; ))

The Concept … to span 300ft of rope between two hot air balloons in the sky and perform a pendulum swing was hatched over coffee one morning after a balloon jump as we dreamed of the potentials …. over a year later after detailed planning and research amid setbacks for weather and schedule changes The Adventure Planet team have achieved their goal

“Balloon Pendulum Sky-Swing” was a success.

Thomas and Chris used their years of experience flying together to position the two balloons as one with extraordinary precision
With both balloons set in position and the rope spanned between them Gulliver was free to go and play on the big swing …. YEEEWWwwwwwwwwwww !!!!

DJ Rullbiza

Gulliver Page

Edited By
Peter Mether

Balloon Pilots (Byron Bay Ballooning)
Thomas Dattler
Chris Dewhirst

Air to Air Communications
Stu Gough
Darko Tuskan

Aerial Camera Flyers
Stephan Kleinlein
Mr Danny Helmy
CJ Sanders
Jindy Debney

Stunt Riggers
Gulliver Page
Glen “Kiwi” Docherty
Darko Tuskan
Leroy Page

Alex Kuzlecki


And here is the link to the VIDEO CLIP:

SKY-SWING Balloon Pendulum Project 

Stephan’s Portfolio “Distinctive”

Stephan’s Portfolio “Distinctive”

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Here a sneak peek of the photography and cinematography work I do. Enjoy !


click HERE   to see it!


If you like it please share it with your friends. Thanks everyone!


And a big THANKS  to Hospital Records and the music artists Camo & Krooked  with their song “Climax”, plus B-Complex with the song “Little Orange” that I can use their awesome songs.  Loving them!